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Pilates Overview

Here at Temple Arts Fitness, our Mat-based Pilates classes are divided between two different departments:  The Yoga Department and the Dance Department.  PiYo, a Pilates/Yoga Fusion class, is offered in the Yoga Department, and Stretch & Tone Pilates, a Pilates class featuring props like the stability ball, are offered in the Dance Department.  Descriptions of both classes, as well as a general description of what the Pilates Method consists of, can be found below:


What is the Pilates Method?

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by German born Joseph Pilates during the First World War. He formed the program to rehabilitate veterans with disabilities. The program created a series of exercises which focus on the core postural muscles, helping to keep the body balanced.  These muscles are also essential to providing support for the spine, and therefore support the entire body. By doing these movements, the injured soldiers were able to regain strength, range of motion, and stabilize key muscles.

Developing a series of exercises on the mat and using equipment that focus on core, Joseph Pilates borrowed disciplines from mind-body format of Yoga and Chinese Martial Arts. Joseph Pilates believed, as the ancient yogis believed, that our physical and mental health in intertwined. The principles of his exercise program include mind over matter, centering, concentration, precision, control, breath work, and flowing movements.
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Why Pilates?

Pilates, similar to Yoga, is one of the few exercise systems that is safe and effective for virtually everyone.  However, if you have an issue that is moderate to severe that affects you, it is recommended that you consider taking private sessions in order to best meet your needs.  We want to make sure that you are challenged at an appropriate level.  If you chose to go directly into classes, please share your concerns and questions with your instructor so that he or she can help you develop your practice accordingly.

What can Pilates offer me?

Pilates can help you achieve your goals of developing and maintaining long, strong, and sculpted muscles, lessen the severity of arthritis symptoms, and improve coordination and concentration.  The practice is also known to keep the core muscles healthy and well-maintained as the body ages.  Pilates can also be especially helpful to women before, during, and in the months directly following pregnancy.

Pilates Class Offerings:


This class combines the two fabulous traditions of Pilates and Yoga.  Within this hour-long workout, you can expect to find classic movements from each of the tradition present, like the all-time favorite and ever-challenging “Hundred” exercise from Pilates and the Sun Salutation series from Yoga.  Find your deep stretch and mind control through Yoga while strengthening your core to a new level in Pilates.

All-Levels Tone Pilates

Our All-Levels Tone Pilates is an exciting mat class that mixes core work with stretches found in dance training to elongate your muscles while simultaneously strengthening your core.  The class utilizes stability balls and other small props which adds to the excitement of our constantly fresh Pilates workouts!  This class is guaranteed to wake you up and help keep you energized throughout the day!  Safe and effective for beginners through advanced-level practitioners.

Abs & Arms Pilates

Get ready to work!  The Abs & Arms Pilates class can still accommodate beginner-level practitioners, but it catered towards those with a solid foundation and are ready to take their Pilates practice to the next level!  Come enjoy an exciting mix of traditional Pilates exercises like the Hundred and Teaser with added twists to help keep your body challenged and continually changing for the better!  Additional focus is also placed on strengthening and sculpting the biceps, triceps, and back muscles, giving more toned lines to your body!  Don’t hesitate!  Start today!
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Why Pilates?

Much like it’s predecessor Yoga, Pilates is a mind body art focusing a little more on the core and developing a lean, strong and tone body build.

What is the “Pilates power House?”

The Pilates “powerhouse” is the group of muscles in the center of the body including buttocks, hips, lower back and abdomen. All the energy for movement begins in the “powerhouse” and moves outward. By strengthening of core, a person will notice a change in his posture, strength of body and over all health.


What can Pilates do for me?

Along with being a Mind/Body Art helping to distress and strengthen, Pilates is known for being practiced by professional dancers, helping them with forming core strength and keeping them in those fabulous dancers bodies. So if you want a tone and slim body form Pilates might just be your ticket.