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Ananda is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has been a Yoga practioner her who life starting when she was just a baby. Amanda's mother would massage her in a technique from a book called "Loving Hands" it had come out the very year she was born. The massage also constisted in putting the child into yoga poses like lotus. At just two years old Amanda was doing full splits and touching her nose in cobra. In Amanda's early twenties she became unusually tired and in extreme amounts of pain for a young women. She began a more steady yogic practice about eight years ago when she grew so ill with fibromyalgia that she thought she was going to have to give up one of her great loves Martial Arts. Recommended by doctors to strengthen the muscles and loosen some of the severe pain she started slowly the process into a more developed practice of yoga. As she continued her practice in Yoga each day she grew healthier and began feeling renewed able to do things that just a few short months before her body would have refused.

Today she not only continues her martial arts but is one hundred percent better at it. She has been in martial arts for over 10 years and been teaching for over 7 years. She has won many awards in martial arts including two gold metals in the divisions she entered for the year 2000 US OPENS. She is a certified Black Belt in Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu in Plantation Florida. As Head Instructor at the children's department she used concepts from her yoga practice with the children. She believes that not only her training in martial arts but her teaching skills for her practice has helped her to become an even better yoga instructor and the other way around.

The two arts of yoga and kung fu act like the Ying Yang to each other, hard and soft along with internal and external. After seeing what an impact Yoga made to her life, Ananda decided she needed to be able to give that gift back to others in need and received her teachers training through the Yogi Hari Ashram in Miramar, Florida. Soon after she started training with her other Teacher Rodney Yee in California. She trained with him at his yearly Teachers Trainings at the Karuna Center in Northampton Massachusetts. Since then she has trained with another great master of both Martial Arts and Yoga Duncan Wong in his program Yogic Arts. Along with this training Amanda has taken classes with many great teachers like Jonny Kest's intensive, Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, David Life and many more. She has been teaching in the community at a number of gyms, health facilities, local offices, schools and spas. She is currently teaching at Fitness 21 and is Teaching her program Dragon's Breath Yoga at several locations including the Red Door Spa in Weston Florida.

In Amanda's practice between Martial Arts and Yoga she came up with the concept of Dragon's Breath Yoga in the year 2001. This class is a combination between the two Arts. Yoga unknown to most Martial Artist is actually where Martial Arts originated from. Seeing the similarities in the two forms and knowing that alot of the knowledge that came to Martial Arts through Yoga has been lost to most Martial Arts practioners she decided to bring the Yoga back to the Martial Artist. This class is not just good for the Martial Arts or Yoga practioner but to everyone. Dragon's Breath Yoga brings an amazing combination of strengthening, flexibility, energy and breath work and of course mind control from both arts.

Inspiration from Ananda: "Too tired, too sore, too busy, not good enough... just get on the mat."