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Amrit Yoga

Developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, Amrit Yoga is meditation in motion, transforming the philosophy of yoga into experiential reality-transcending every aspect of your being. This practice integrates joyful inner stillness with effortless outer action in the world. Learn to live in harmony and alignment—the essence of authentic yoga.

Amrit Yoga connects yoga practice with the ancient roots and fundamental principles that are at the core of all branches of yoga. By adding the mental and spiritual disciplines of Raja Yoga, inwardly focused attention and meditative awareness, Amrit Yoga combines the strengths of Hatha and Raja Yoga into one system. Yogi Desai's teachings are designed for aspiring teachers, as well as for yoga teachers and students from all traditions who wish to increase the spiritual dimension in their personal practice and professional skills. It uses the body as an entry point to explore, experience and release blocks that prevent us from tapping into the source of the infinite potential within. The concepts are adaptable to various types of healing modalities as well as personal self-discovery. Amrit Yoga cultivates inward focus and meditative awareness along with the practice of postures and pranayams. This internal focus is the single most powerful tool to prevent chronic, stress-producing, mental dialogues and emotional reactions. These unconscious habits accompany us through every activity; the yoga mat is not an exception. Yogi Amrit DesaiThe vigorous traditions of Hatha Yoga provide powerful results, and are intended to serve as a foundation for the mental and spiritual dimension of yoga. Hard work can silence the mind during vigorous practice, but has no power to transcend or alter emotional and karmic patterns held securely in the unconscious. Vigorous practice combined with internal focus engages the mental and emotional bodies into the practice of yoga - expanding its scope and deepening the experience of Hatha Yoga many fold. The practice of Amrit Yoga has the power to engage you totally, absorb you completely, and integrate you fully in your body, mind, heart and soul. It empowers you to enter the experience of unity, which is integral to the experience of yoga. Amrit Yoga is a metaphor for life. The skills of mindful attention and meditative awareness you develop on the yoga mat extend to challenges you encounter in life. Painful transition periods, relationships and crises can become opportunities and openings for personal transformation.