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Taiji - (Tai Chi)

Taiji is based upon a strong foundation of discipline and hard work. Taiji taolu are practiced slowly due to the fact that there is much more to a movement than meets the eye. Taiji is a form of "Action Meditation," and that our practice of the art is aimed at reducing stress, building a strong body, gaining patience, as well as increasing balance and coordination. The exercise regiment of Taiji includes stretches, punches, kicks, stances and of course, forms.


Literally, "breath cultivation," Qigong (气功) is a system of exercises aimed at promoting the body to heal and strengthen itself. In conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong is practiced in order to heal and allow the body to recuperate from most any ailment or injury. Based on the Chinese concept of Qi (气), Qigong is a practice of circulating, gathering and using Qi. Qi is translated often as "the breath of life." At Shaolin, Qi is taught to be, "that which makes your heart beat." This saying is used to describe Qi as the electrical current which runs through your body. Qi runs along meridians and is stored in a place known as the Dantien (丹田). Qigong works to correct the flow of Qi along these meridians and helps awaken the Qi residing already in the Dantien. More information about Qi and its relevance in traditional Chinese medicine can be gathered by talking to your local acupuncturist.

Tai chi in the mainstream

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