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About Our Instructors

At Temple Arts, each instructor is highly qualified to teach their respective discipline. Our teachers pay attention to detail doing their very best to prevent injuries and get the best results from their students. Go to the Instructors individual bios to find out what teacher best meets your needs.

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  • Amanda Clemens-Bernabe : Kung Fu Instructor Davie Fort Lauderdale Florida

    Sifu | Amanda Bernabe
    Kung Fu

  • Jeremy Bernabe : Filipino Arnis / Eskrima / Kali Teacher Garimot System

    Guro | Jeremy Bernabe

  • taiji taichi instructor davie fort lauderdale

    Sihing | Miguel Morales
    Assistant Instructor/Kung Fu

  • Tai Chi QiGong teacher in Davie FL

    Ken Guerin
    Tai Chi